New Show Location: Miami International Mercandise Mart
(Main Convention Hall)
February 25-26, 2019


Rep. Name: Jorge Campa


E Mail: Delacampajorge@yahoo.com

Lines Carried:

  • Rivelli
  • Vinci Suits
  • TJ Sunglasses

Rep. Name: James Bassan

Tel: 305-804-3220

E Mail: James.Bassan@yahoo.com

Lines Carried:

  • Suslo Couture
  • Brooklyn Xpress
  • Ditch Plains
  • Marquis Menswear
  • Platino Dress Shirts
  • Eight X dress Shirts

Rep. Name: Jonathan Hope

Tel: 352-275-1859

E Mail: Jonathan_Hope@vfc.com

Lines Carried:

  • Wrangler Jeans
  • Wrangler Shirts
  • Wrangler Workwear

Rep. Name: Jack Levy

Tel: 954-614-7225

E Mail: jack_levy@vfc.com

Lines Carried:

  • Dickies Workwear

Rep. Name: Rafi Sahih

Tel: 917-693-4344

E Mail: Rafi@omegapparel.com

Lines Carried:

  • Conversion by Omega
  • Marx & Dutch
  • Nevada

Rep. Name: Eli Balleh

Tel: 212-912-0190

E Mail: Elie@elieballeh.com

Lines Carried:

  • Elie Balleh

Rep. Name: Khodor Faris

Tel: 917-650-2872

E Mail: Dealswholesale@aol.com

Lines Carried:

  • Deals Wholesale
  • True Rock
  • Benjamin Franklin

Rep. Name: Isaac Abitol

Tel: 201-685-7930

E Mail: empirebelts@gmail.com

Lines Carried:

  • Global Accessories

Rep. Name: Salman Saddique

Tel: 704-747-5086

E Mail: Noman@arketypeCo.com

Lines Carried:

  • Arketype

Rep. Name: Steven Schwartzbaum

Tel: 305-267-9058

E Mail: Stevenbaum@aol.co,

Lines Carried:

  • I-Fe/PJ Mark
  • Bleeker and Mercer
  • Hasselson
  • Phat Farm
  • Swiss Cross
  • Road Block
  • One Point
  • Montage
  • Bold Blue and Montage
  • CN USA
  • Vercho
  • Vesse

Rep. Name: Mark Cheikhali

Tel: 201-530-9808

E Mail: Mark@Rivelliusa.com

Lines Carried:

  • Rivelli USA

Rep. Name: Jay Ahn

Tel: 404-644-9450

E Mail: Jayahn61@gmail.com

Lines Carried:

  • Evolution Jeans

Rep. Name: Marco Alhalabi

Tel: 212-600-5261

E Mail: Marc@starting-5.com

Lines Carried:

  • Reset

Rep. Name: Vikas Sanghavi

Tel: 786-299-7218

E Mail: Xtravalue@yahoo.com

Lines Carried:

  • Mens/Womens/kids
  • Redox
  • Token
  • VOG
  • Funk
  • Royal Spirit

Rep. Name: Danny Yazdan

Tel: 718-468-3400

E Mail: Angelsnyusinc@gmail.com

Lines Carried:

  • Angels NY
  • Jodano
  • Joseph/Dan

Rep. Name: Barat “Rishi” Vasandani

Tel: 310-848-7304



Lines Carried:

  • Lucky Apache
  • Red Sun

Rep. Name: Asaf Daniell
Tel: 305-576-1442
Email: info@bespokemoda.net
Lines Carried:

  • Bespoke
  • Seaspice
  • BC Collection

Rep. Name: Mohammed Astaheha
Tel: 201-489-3527
Email: Mercusainc@yahoo.com
Lines Carried:

  • In Serch
  • Giorgio Inserti

Rep Name: Troy Fortenberry
Tel: 404-323-7712
E Mail: Tfortenberry@tuxedocentral.com
Lines Carried:

  • Michael Kors
  • Ike Behar
  • Allure Mens
  • Savvi Black Label

Rep. Name: Daniel Jin
Tel: 201-679-8805
E Mail: USBELT@Gmail.com
Lines Carried:

  • US Belt
  • Pishon America, Inc.

Rep. Name: Hussein Ghacham
Tel: 562-602-0400
E Mail: Hussein@platinijeans.com
Co.Website: www.platinijeans.com
Lines Carried:

  • Platini

Rep. Name: Raj Singh/Pedro Gill
Tel: 954-321-0026
E Mail: raj@kokomounlimited.com
Co. Website: www.kokomounlimited.com
Lines Carried:

  • kokomo Unlimited

Sales Rep. Name: Tito Blanco
Tel: 305-571-9072
E Mail: modabucheli@gmail.com
Lines Carried:

  • Bucheli Mens T Shirt

Sales Rep: Cedric Paeng
Tel: 847-758-0702
E Mail: Cedricpaeng@gmail.com
Lines Carried:

  • Selah, USA
  • Iced Out

Sales Rep.: Walid Shayeb
Tel: 229-255-9793
E Mail Address: shayebw@gmail.com
Line Carried:

  • St. Patrick
  • Leo Danieli
  • Valerio
  • Socrates the Art Of Color

Sales Rep.: Renee Cordoba
Tel: 305-790-3083
E Mail: Rene@reliqinc.com
Lines Carried:

  • Demolition
  • Kaalu
  • Jeanstation
  • P & K

Sales Rep.: Maria Montenegro
E Mail: David@urbanfitzinc.com
Lines Carried:

  • American Breed
  • VIP Collection.

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